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December 30, 2017 Lighting

Billboard with Lights Dressing Room

Get the interest of their students in kindergarten with a framework for engaging with bright warning lights, as well as in the dressing room of a famous star. With the lights, it is certain that draw attention to the picture. Once you arrange the lights, electrical or simply cut paper, select a theme for the billboard, which complements the fascinating topic.

dressing room 2014

dressing room 2014

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Image of: Charming Dressing Room Throughout Dressing Room Billboard With Lights Dressing Room
Image of: white color dressing room
Image of: tips dressing room
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Image of: dressing room decor
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Image of: The dressing room of Tracy Ann Oberman
Image of: dressing room 2014

Dressing room lights have connotation lively atmosphere of anticipation in the area just behind the curtains. Take off from the scenes, making the bulletin board display of a motivational start to the year that says “Ready to go!” Post pictures of each student’s first day of school. Beside each picture, write what the students say it makes them feel more prepared to do something new. You can embed images or photographs from magazines to illustrate their ideas. For example, if one feel prepared after taking breakfast, post a photo of a cereal box. For one whom likes to warm up by doing jumping jacks, post a photo of an athlete.


Extend the lights of the dressing room for the Hollywood theme, providing a large cutout of a star for each student. Ask them to write their names on their individual stars. Then, using washable paint or finger paint, everyone must stamp their handprints on their individual stars. For a touch of elegance, go around the stars with bright sequins and glitter.

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