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Jan 5th

Choose your firewood storage location wisely. The key to keeping dry, seasoned wood is to allow circulation of air. Most ideal place to store wood is an open wooden shed to allow stacking it off ground. Remember to choose a location that allows you easy access.

smart firewood storage
smart firewood storage

It may be tempting to keep fire inside your home, but be very careful. Carefully inspect wood by insects before putting it on inside. It’s okay to have a small shelf near fireplace firewood to stack wood you are currently using. Basements can be used if no connections of air to living areas of house or ways in which pests can be moved from basement to these areas. Same applies to garages. Best place to firewood storage is on outside and away from house.

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Outside your home or rack, stack wood above ground. Rack firewood storage homemade or store-bought should be kept a few inches off ground. This will keep the wood dry well to protect it from insects. If you put wood shelf on ground (instead of placing it on concrete or on a patio) will need to take notice of field in order to remain stable. If shelf begins to tilt, all woodpile may fall.