Gas Fireplace Parts

Jan 9th

A home produces gas or propane to produce heat. Somehow, a home is similar to a gas boiler, but uses slightly different systems and has different objectives. Each gas fireplace can be separated into basic parts.

Amazing Gas Fireplace
Amazing Gas Fireplace


The ignition system of a gas fireplace is the laying of gas and ensures that the gas is turned on when he enters the chimney. This system is usually pilot. An electric ignition creates a spark that ignites a small amount of gas entering the home. This gas fire ignites the gas that is inside the fireplace. Turn off the pilot light in the warm seasons to save money.

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Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is where the gas burns inside the home. It is made with fireproof materials usually metals, which together form a hermetic. It has a front glass in traditional homes can be opened, but the gas is sealed to prevent leakage.


Most homes have a gas fireplace ventilation system has two tasks: to allow the entry of oxygen to the flame burn more easily and ventilating toxic gases. It generally consists of a metal tube, made in layers to protect the heat, connecting to the home to the outside.