Handmade Iron Fireplace Poker

Jan 7th

Fireplace pokers were fashioned to help settlers. Advanced smithies produce fireplace pokers in styles to match your needs and designing style.

modern fireplace poker
modern fireplace poker

 Hand-Wrought Traditional and Custom Poker

Enhance your fireplace with carefully assembled fashioned iron fireplace pokers from Wisconsin based Wrought Iron Solutions. Fireplace poker sets can be done in high temperature tolerant dark paint or a more conventional oil complete. Each one poker is produced using robust steel bar stock with handcrafted, hand-created equipment. A few conventional styles are accessible to suit the particular needs of your ornamentation.

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Contorted Wrought Iron Poker

Hand-fashioned by Florida metal craftsman Bill Roberts, his mark curved set of hand created iron fireplace apparatuses are made of 1/2-inch steel bar stock that has been hand-wound and highlighted with a metal complete part of the way down the pole. The apparatuses are customary, completed with an oil complete and have an appearance that will fit well into a home with more provincial adornment.

Pioneer Inspired Hand-Forged Poker

Fashioned in the strategies utilized by antiquated town metal forgers, hand-produced apparatuses from Colonial Homes Connection are sold in five separate outlines. Fireplace poker, scoops, tongs and pioneer style straw floor brushes are sold independently and in sets that incorporate divider or detached racks.