How to Build a Cover Metal Decking

Jan 3rd

Metal decking – Most roofing decking is made ​​of fragile screens. While they are good for sunny days in cold and wet days, they do not stand up to the elements. The correct solution is to build a metal cover which is durable and solid at any temperature. It also offers protection from wind, rain and sun.

awesome metal decking
awesome metal decking


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  1. Trace a mold of 89 x 89 mm directly on the edge of your deck, using one of his woods and trace. The contour of the pencil will be covered later. Do this process for each corner of the deck that is not adjacent to your home.
  2. Cut into square format your wood 89 x 89 mm on the floor of the metal decking. Use a saw and make sure the holes are clearly made.
  3. Enter the woods through the holes. They should be applied against the corners and between the first two beams of the deck.
  4. Drill two holes on metal decking in each 1 cm through the rafters. You may need a helper to hold the timber tightly since they are not arrested.
  5. Attach the woods. Insert the hex bolts into the holes, screw the screw and nut and secure with a key adjustment. Repeat this process for each corner.