Moroccan Room Decor Ideas

Jan 1st

The Moroccan room decor spread to the room with vibrant colors, rich fabrics and earthy textures that come together to create an exotic and luxurious aesthetic.

amazing  moroccan decoration style 2014
amazing moroccan decoration style 2014

Spices are a popular inspiration for the Moroccan room decor. The colors should be rich and vibrant, suggesting the vast selection of exotic foods found in Moroccan culture. The influence is drawn from spices like cinnamon, curry and nutmeg; which result in red, orange and yellow earthy. Une ranges of warm colors with gold and silver to evoke wealth into your design. Located on the Atlantic Ocean and the Straits of Gibraltar, you should expect to find several shades of shades inspired by water like cobalt blue and turquoise. Much of the Moroccan landscape is covered by the Sahara desert so if you want a more neutral environment, consider using earthy tones, inspired by the sand.

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Many of the patterns and textures found in Moroccan room decor come from the mixture of oriental and European cultures. Floor board’s earthy wood and coarse, granular gypsum walls thick, long and luxurious tapestries hung from ceiling to floor, and large and vibrant pillows provide a space a former exotic charm. Fabrics should be bright and varied colors; also tend to have worked and vibrant patterns.