Perfect Fireplace Fronts

Jan 1st

Change the front of your fireplace with a tiling will give a modern, contemporary look. The lining of a chimney should be as durable as it is beautiful. Choosing the right tile is the basis for building a fireplace fronts that looks great.

Fireplace front by MarkNewman
Fireplace front by MarkNewman

There are two types of porcelain tiles fireplace fronts: they are porcelain and which are not. The porcelain tiles are dense, non-porous and smooth. The porcelain has a lower rate of water absorption, which makes it resistant to frost. Glazed porcelain tiles are more suitable for fireplace fronts that unglazed because they are tougher and can withstand more wear and abuse.

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Tiles that are not usually have porcelain enamel finish with colors and patterns. Often used in both walls and floors. They are easier to cut than porcelain. When choosing ceramic tiles for your fireplace, seeks classification PEI (Institute of pottery glaze) 4 or 5 for moderate to heavy traffic.

Granite is the hardest stone for construction available. It is formed by the solidification of molten rock. It is made of quartz, mica and other materials that contribute to make it one of the hardest stones in the world, making it ideal for fireplace fronts granite is also very stylish and has a great style.