Pineapple Home Decor Ideas

Jan 19th

Pineapple home decor – When Europeans discovered the pineapple in South America and began exporting to Europe, this was a great success, but due to being a tropical fruit and not being able to enter in Europe, could only be consumed and purchased by the rich, the nobles and the elite.

angreeable Pineapple home decor
angreeable Pineapple home decor

It is said that some people from the bourgeoisie portrayed with a pineapple in her hand, symbol of his wealth. So I start introducing the image of this fruit in both interior pineapple home decor design and architecture. Here are some examples of designs inspired by the pineapple.

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The drawings of pineapple home decor can be used for paintings, tapestries, posters, etc. One reason why I like it so much is that its image adds warmth. When I say pineapple, I immediately think pina colada, beach and summer!

The cushions are always a nice touch in our furniture and decor. And with pineapple design are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. For example, on the porch, on the patio or balcony with wooden or bamboo, or chairs. Indoor objects would be perfect with this rustic house design, tropical, whimsical, contemporary or chic. Even in many more styles! Just knowing we do our best work as interior designers.