Tabletop Fireplace for Coffee Table

Feb 1st

Today it is increasingly common to find furniture designed to perform more than one function so that we do not get to purchase s0lo save money but space to have a cabinet for two different functions. This is the case of tabletop fireplace; a table that has a built fireplace with which we can enjoy the beauty and warmth of the fire while drinking a cup of coffee, Features a fireplace that goes right on the coffee table in the room. It is available in different shapes and colors (red, white, black, gray) and is ideal for decorating homes with simple lines and shapes Cleaning.

Tabletop Fireplace Photos
Tabletop Fireplace Photos

The Tabletop fireplace does not work with wood but with Canola, a green liquid used to light bonfires odorless and smokeless. With this proposal, we may forget the annoying soot. Say is an alternative not only trendy, but also ecological because the smoke does not bother anyone inside the house.

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Tabletop fireplace┬ádesign ideas also has a line of fireplaces for outdoor use. Worth a peek into their proposals. All are very interesting for tabletop. And if you’re more conservative, you will also find in the more or less conventional fireplaces that run on the same liquid catalog.